Casteel is committed to the utility and industrial sectors. For over 46 years Casteel’s electrical and construction management business has been an integral part in helping clients succeed in fossil fuel generation, steel production, water/waste-water treatment, refining, chemical processes, and specialty manufacturing. We have extensive experience helping clients construct, maintain, and upgrade facilities; implement and upgrade complex control and emission systems; and maximize production performance.

You can call upon Casteel’s expertise in producing superior operating systems with the assurance of knowing that all work is constructed to minimize costly downtime.

Casteel Corporation's services include:

  • Electrical Project Management
  • Engineering Management
  • Process Control Installation
  • Medium Voltage Power Installations
  • Underground Electrical Installations
  • Electrical Testing and Analysis
  • Substation Installation and Modifications
  • Power Distribution System Installation
  • Specialty Industrial Control Installation
  • Fiber Optic and LAN Cable Installations
  • Maintenance Services